Or there..?

No, wherever You'll lead. 


Just What I Needed

Through this round of exams, I feel so much of pressure. I guess cause it's the last round and it determines whether I make it or break it. 
The countless prayers my family offered on my behalf, including my BSF classmates, BFFs, church members, lecturer-Mr T ; God has been hearing them. I'm so grateful to those who've been lifting me up in their prayers.

At some point, I felt like sitting down and letting it all go. But I know it'll be disastrous since it's hard to stop once I start. First thing after my last paper, I'll just sit and let the tears flow. 

Yesterday, He said He'll sustain me. Was telling my BSF classmates the night before to pray that He'll sustain me. And He assured. 

So so blessed. 



I'm so exciteddd for this! 

But...I don't think I'll say this when next week comes. 


The Wait

In the delaying process, He asks, "Are you really committed into this?"


No Regrets

The purpose of me retaking Econs Unit 1 was to score higher marks than before.
While doing the objectives, I thought I was spending TOO much time in them.
Felt like my "thinking time" became longer in the exam... All I had to say to myself was "Kit May, think faster, think faster, think faster! God, I need wisdom! What's this question 1?!"

When I got home, mom thought it was a bad paper, by the looks on my face. 
Told her it wasn't easy, neither was it very tough. But I had to admit it was TRICKY.
Wanted to grab a quick nap, but couldn't. 

I have this habit of rethinking about the paper a million times over. (Why I can't sleep)
Then I realized that there's no point regretting. I did my best. 
Results are for His glory. 
Not to impress men. But to glorify Him. 
"No regrets, May." 

To reward myself, I spent time today in this new coffee hangout in Pavilion. 

It's hidden inside Times Bookstore. So if you smell coffee brewing in Times, you don't need a nose check!! Espresso Lab is located right inside, next to the children's books section. 

Good news :  They stock up The Last Polka ice-cream! 
Tried Salted Gula Melaka for the first time and it's really good.
Very creamy, not too sweet like BR! 
From my memory, this Espresso Lab stocks up flavours like Nutella, Horlicks, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Pandan Kaya, and Mango. 
Love the location - quiet and cozy. 
*Did not try any coffee in here as I can't drink coffee after a certain hour. My entire biological clock will turn 180 degrees* There's always a next time. :) 

Btw, they say if you dream about a certain someone, they're actually thinking of you.. True? 



It's Back!

I thought I would stop drinking Chatime for an indefinite period of time or probably forever. 

But when I browsed through their new website, I missed out on so many flavours!! 

Love their simple yet so cozy hangout spot! 

 First try for Horlicks Milk Tea. (with 30% ice & sugar)
It was so-so for me. 
I love Horlicks when it's really thick.. 

First try for this Japanese Matcha Tea Latte (30 % ice & sugar)
The green tea turned out strong and it was slightly bitter , just the way I like it. :)

P.S. Blogging helps relieve the exam stress. 



When Words Can't Describe

It's been exactly a week that words can't describe the emotional pain. 
And then there's food cravings. (Not cheap to pay for this once-in-a-month affair!)

Funny how God sends people you don't expect to help you through.I always bump into friends / acquaintances for a special reason during trying moments. They speak things you never really thought of in the process of scraping through the broken glass. 
My leader also said that "you need to pray for the healing of the heart too." Boy, that was so apt!

On top of it all, with GE & the results, my tears can't stop. 
Yes, the only time I would cry for my nation.

This is God's will. It is. For you. For me. For Malaysia. 


It hurts.

Everything that I hear or see that is related, hurts.

So badly. 

Is it because I missed out on a test? Is it because I'm a Chinese? Is it because I'm not up to the mark?

It hurts.

Who am I that you are mindful of me
That you hear me, when I call
Is it true that you are thinking of me
How you love me, it's amazing

I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
He calls me friend



The Lord has been so so good since the day I started breathing. How can I not remember His goodness even in this moment of disappointment? 

Dad's advice, "If you can't see His way past the tears, trust His heart." -Charles Spurgeon 

The next step would define my life, my future. 

May the Lord grant me grace as I go through this period.

One thing for sure, He will never shortchange me. 

This journey is rather interesting.